Royal blue meets innocent white! It’s THE hottest trend combi this summer. Delightful, cheerfull and light! It might be inspired by the lately very popular holiday destination „Santorini“ which almost all the Instagram bloggers travelled to this year, one after each other. It is a wonderful Greek city which is completely colored in white and blue, no other colors, with beautiful white houses covered with blue roof tops. A stunning place where I will definetely travel to in the future!

All different kinds of blue&white prints and combinations are seen this season, like paisley, striped or delft porcelain prints, the Ombré-look and also batik has a huge revival. The bright color combination makes and changes our day and inner eye to a clear blue sky with white clouds or the deep blue sea with delicate, white sandy beaches. Make sure to use the blue-white-look in clean patterns and do not combine it with other colors! Let the trend combination blue and white be the way it is – by itself. You don’t want to disturb the effect. Also accessories, make-up and shoes should be set in understated luxury and elegance. Otherwise, the look will appear overloaded.

Photos and cinemagraphs by Rafael Souza. If you want to know more about cinemagraphs (technique about mixing photos and videos), read my other articles: Teal Moment, Electric Orange, Bling Bling, Rainbow Sping, Munich Subway or the Sherlock Holmes Look.

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