Ein riesiger Kleiderschrank für wenig Geld! | 11 Tipps, wie du beim Shoppen so richtig Geld sparen kannst.

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Hallo Ihr Lieben, wie Ihr vermutlich schon wisst, bin ich eine echte Online-Shopping-Queen und ich besitze auch das ein oder andere Designerteil in meiner Garderobe. Ihr fragt Euch sicher, wie ich das anstelle oder Ihr denkt Euch, dass ich viele Klamotten gesponsert oder ein besseres Gehalt bekomme als ihr. Aber dem [...]

MY FRENCH STYLE | 2 Tipps, um Netzstrumpfhosen auch im Winter zu tragen

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Mein French-Style-Outfit & 2 Tipps für Euch, um Netzstrumpfhosen auch im Winter zu tragen Wie Ihr vielleicht bereits gemerkt habt, hat der Netzstrumpfhosen-Trend die Bloglandschaft überschwemmt. Allerdings kann dieser schöne Hingucker bei Minus-Graden sehr unangenehm werden. Denn wärmen tun die löchrigen Beinkleider keineswegs. Dennoch gibt es einige Kniffe, die Ihr [...]

THE PARKA | THE Winter Musthave

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Cold and dark mornings and you have to struggle to leave your warm and comfy bed! We all know this feeling. To make those mornings easier you have to use one basic item: The parka! It is an absolute must and good classic to have because you can reinvent this piece over and over [...]

GO WEST | A post about tartan patterns

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Inspired by the New York, Milan and Paris runways designers can’t get enough of tartan this season. Tartan or "plaid" as some people call it instead is a great option because it is on-trend and timeless at the same time. From timeless classic pieces to trendy looks like designs with contrasting textures for a modern [...]


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Oktoberfest is a magical time. Whether you’re traveling to Munich for the official festival or participating in imitated celebrations around the world, there is always something special about the event. Whether it’s the golden light of the autumn weather, the smell of ginger bread or sweet roasted almonds, the ice cold beer, or just [...]

RAINBOW SPIN | A cinemagraph challenge

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Have you ever heard of "cinemagraphs"? It is a new technique combining a video and photo. Basically it is living photography which usually occurs in a manually created loop. It is published in either an animated GIF format or as a video file, and can give the illusion that [...]


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Alina Spiegel designed and stitched the fur cape by herself. It was part of her diploma collection "Urban Luxury". Ecological and environmentally friendly fur The used fur in this collection is very ecological and environmentally friendly because the animals are NOT killed for the fur. Every year, about 450,000 red foxes are shot [...]

SIMPLY RED | THE color trend this season

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"When in doubt, wear red." —Bill Blass What's autumn without a big hit of color? Red is THE color trend this season, a highly influential fashion color! Bright and vibrant red is a mood elevator and the color of love. It can boost confidence and make you feel more in control. Though it's not [...]

AUTUMN LAYERING | Der Zwiebellook

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“The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” —Henry Beston Layers over layers: Fashionable layering always works for a perfect autumn look. It is all the rage this fall. Now, the art of layering has been fully revived and is [...]