MY FRENCH STYLE | 2 Tipps, um Netzstrumpfhosen auch im Winter zu tragen

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Mein French-Style-Outfit & 2 Tipps für Euch, um Netzstrumpfhosen auch im Winter zu tragen Wie Ihr vielleicht bereits gemerkt habt, hat der Netzstrumpfhosen-Trend die Bloglandschaft überschwemmt. Allerdings kann dieser schöne Hingucker bei Minus-Graden sehr unangenehm werden. Denn wärmen tun die löchrigen Beinkleider keineswegs. Dennoch gibt es einige Kniffe, die Ihr [...]

It’s all about RED DETAILS!

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It's all about RED details! Hallo Ihr Lieben, was wäre mein heutiges Outfit ohne die roten Details. Durch diese gezielt gesetzten Highlights verwandelt sich mein eintöniger Look zum Hingucker und wirkt aufregend und individuell. Wie Ihr Euren RED-Detail-Look stylt, verrate ich euch jetzt: Zunächst legt Euch [...]


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Statement furs - trend in 2016: Colorful fur - both real and faux - coats were spotted on almost all the Fall/Winter runways from New York to Paris. The bold colors caught the eyes of all fashion girls. Designers worked in all hues of the rainbow you can imagine, starting from pastel pink to [...]


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Strapless looks: The new summer’s must-have?! Yes, absolutely! Off the shoulder pullovers, dresses and tops are the epiphany of summer. Basically they are this summer's key silhouette. Not sure what to wear to the next party? Then go for it and don't hesitate to show off your shoulders. They are officially IN now! From [...]

RAINBOW SPIN | A cinemagraph challenge

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Have you ever heard of "cinemagraphs"? It is a new technique combining a video and photo. Basically it is living photography which usually occurs in a manually created loop. It is published in either an animated GIF format or as a video file, and can give the illusion that [...]


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Alina Spiegel designed and stitched the fur cape by herself. It was part of her diploma collection "Urban Luxury". Ecological and environmentally friendly fur The used fur in this collection is very ecological and environmentally friendly because the animals are NOT killed for the fur. Every year, about 450,000 red foxes are shot [...]

RedFox Award

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International German RedFox Award The used fur in this collection is very ecological. Every year, about 450,000 red foxes are killed in Germany because they don’t have any natural enemies there. Only about 15,000 skins are recycled, the rest is carelessly discarded. Since this is a waste of a high-quality, renewable [...]