Urban Luxury Autumn/Winter 2015




The “URBAN LUXURY” collection AUTUMN WINTER 2015 of the brand ALINA SPIEGEL was inspired by the fluently modern, constructive and organic architecture by Zaha Hadid, the pollution such as smog of large cities and wild animals like the wolf. Therefor the concept of colours is kept in shades of grey and blue to remind of the urban feeling. In addition for a high contrast and modernity the colours black and white are combined; also the warm complementary color orange which appears in the red fox fur. The innovative collection with a tendency to architecture, simplicity and all beauty expressions shows what human beings created and how it changed the environment. It is a must have for every adventurous lady in a large city such as New York or Beijing where high class architecture with creative shapes is build. The designer Alina Spiegel visited both of these cities in 2013 which influenced her a lot. She defines the rules and visions of a new luxury concept, very dynamic and exclusive. The customers are self-confident and have sex-appeal. The collection’s styleis extravagant, elegant and feminine with extraordinary pattern cuts and skillfull matching of contrasts.

The used fur in this collection is very ecological. Every year, about 450,000 red foxes are killed in Germany because they don’t have any natural enemies there. Only about 15,000 skins are recycled, the rest is carelessly discarded. Since this is a waste of a high-quality, renewable resource, the German furriers launched the Red Fox Award to use the ecological fur. Alina Spiegel participated the Red Fox Award in 2014.


Model: Daphne Hamann
Photographer: Martin Zellner


ESMOD Graduate Show München 2014
Photograph: Udo Kluensch

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