At first I bought an amazing fruit cutter which helped me to carve the pineapple. I was so amazed by this tool that I had to fill in a delicious drink and create this adorable whirlpool cocktail. The decorative aborigines who are called “Menehune” I got from the Latin cocktail bar „Tradervics“ in Munich. It’s one of my favorite cocktails ?

To mix this super tasty jumbo cocktail you need the following ingredients.

Ingredients for a jumbo cocktail:

– lots of ice cubes
– Gin
– Blue Curaçao (and if you like Cointreau)
– 1 lemon
– 100 ml Coconut milk
– Sprite or another sparkling lemonade
– mint leaves

Further utensils:

– 1 whole pineapple as container
(if you want the drink to look like this)

– a pineapple cutter
– a cocktail shaker
– straws
– decoration like the “Menehune” people ????

How to do it:

  • Carve the pineapple carefully! Make sure not to carve it too deep and to create wholes. It needs to hold the liquid later.
  • Crush the ice cubes and add a few to the shaker.
  • Add the alcohol to the shaker. It’s up to you how strong the cocktail will be. Just make sure to add about the same amount of Gin and Blue Curaçao. Cointreau can be added as well (Reduce the amount of Blue Curaçao about the amount of Cointreau in this case). It harmonizes very well with the other ingredients and will add a more intensive taste.
  • Add a table spoon of fresh pressed lemon juice and 100ml coconut milk.
  • Shake it well and add it to the carved pineapple (or another container).
  • Fill it up with sprite or another sparkling lemonade and ice cubes.
  • Decorate it with mint leaves, straws and (if you have them) the adorable “Menehune” sticks.

Try it and enjoy! I found it very simple to make!

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