BABY! IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! | Testing the new Samsung NX500 during our lunchbreak

Very cold and freezing rooftop streetstyle shooting with the photographer Dennis Gelner in January 2016. It was taken at a cloudy winter day on top of a garage in Munich. No tiretracks, not a single car was  standing around at the parking level. Since we decided to shoot during our lunch break we didn´t had that much time and the pictures had to be done in within 5 minutes. It also was a good opportunity to test Dennis new Samsung NX500, a mirrorless system camera. The ISO was about 100, the exposure time varied, and the aperture was set manually (novoflex adapter for nikon). As a light source we only used the sun and the light wich was reflected by the snow. In the end analysis Dennis  was satisfied with the handling of the camera. He only commented on the camera not having a few finder, but after some time he said people will get used to it.

Now let´s talk about Dennis.
Dennis is a very motivated, young photographer from Munich. His focus of work is in fashion, editorial, erotic, artistic nudes, portrait and advertising shootings.
Her way brought her through different stations to far China. What he especially likes about photography is that unique moments cannot only be captured, they also can be created in a very precise way. If you interest in a professional photo shooting with Dennis contact him here or visit his website.

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