International German RedFox Award

The used fur in this collection is very ecological. Every year, about 450,000 red foxes are killed in Germany because they don’t have any natural enemies there. Only about 15,000 skins are recycled, the rest is carelessly discarded. Since this is a waste of a high-quality, renewable resource, the German furriers launched the Red Fox Award to use the ecological fur. The competition is trying to encourage people to think about the fur processing from nature and the regions nearby. For the annual award the furriers have to use bellows ONLY from wild foxes. Alina Spiegel participated in the Red Fox Award in 2014 and she got honored for outstanding, fashionable work.

Go to 3:45 min in this video to see the ALINA SPIEGEL fur jacket.

The following video is about the new edition of the RedFox competition and a unique industry award of furriers which is initiated by WILD UND HUND. It shows how beautiful protection of species can be.

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