Healthy Banana Pancakes:

These healthy gluten- and dairy-free banana pancakes are literally made from bananas and incredibly simple. There are only two basic ingredients which are mixed together. They definitely taste like bananas, so if you’re not a fan of that flavor, this recipe won’t be for you.

Banana Pancakes

This recipe is for 1 person and it will result three small pancakes or 1 big one. Though, I suggest keeping them small because they will be easier to flip and to make in general. As well they will be cooked faster and look prettier. If you want to make more add always two eggs per banana.

Basic Ingredients:

1 medium ripe banana
2 eggs

Optional ingredients:

Vanilla flavor or 1 tablespoon of strong rum (for the flavor)
A pinch (1/8 teaspoon) of baking powder (for the fluffiness)

Topping Suggestions:

A syrup (I prefer honey, but you can also choose maple or another syrup or even Nutella or jam if you don’t like it too healthy)
Any kind of fruit you like (ripe peaches & blueberries I liked the best)
Goji berries
and much more…

Banana Pancakes Equipment


1 mixing bowl
1 fork
1 pan (if your pan is very good, you can even make the pancakes without oil or butter. If not, you will have to use vegetable oil)
1 wide spatula
little cooking forms for fried eggs (optional)

Instructions – how to make banana pancakes:

1. Depending on how many pancakes you make you will have to heat the oven to 50° C to keep the pancakes warm while cooking the rest. If you make the pancakes for only 1 person you can skip this step.

2. Peel the banana, cut it into small pieces and add it to the bowl.

3. Start mashing the banana with the fork until no large lumps remain. The consistency has to be pudding-like.

4. Add the eggs and the optional ingredients (rum or vanilla flavor for example). Stir everything together until the yolks and whites are completely combined.

Banana Pancakes

5. Put some vegetable oil into the pan to prevent sticking and start heating the pan to lower medium heat.

6. Put the batter in small pieces (about 2 tablespoons per pancake which you place on top of each other) into the pan and start cooking. Do this very gently and slowly! Again, I remind you to keep the pancakes small. You can also use some small cooking forms which are usually used for fried eggs. They come in many different shapes like flowers, hearts, stars, circles and more. Grease them before.

7. Cook it for about 1 minute.

8. Flip the pancakes.

Flip tips:
When it comes to flipping, I always use a second plate. Let the pancakes cook on the underside until they are golden-brown. Lift the corners with a spatula (Use a thin spatula!) and work the spatula about halfway under the pancake to loosen it from the pan. Then push the pancake slowly from the pan to the plate – the underside is still on the bottom. Lift the plate with the pancake and hold it over the pan. Then turn the plate fast to flip the pancake back down on its other side.

9. Cook the other side as well for about 1 minute until it is golden-brown.

10. Continue cooking the rest of the batter while you keep the finished pancakes warm in the preheated oven if cooking more than a single batch.

11. In between start preparing the fruits for the topping.

12. Add the topping! The pancakes already taste very good on their own, but even better with some company: Honey, ripe peaches, raisins, goji berries etc. … Sprinkle these extras over the pancakes.

Banana Pancakes

Serve the healthy banana pancakes warm and enjoy!

If you have some pancakes left over you can keep them in the fridge for a few days and even heat them up in the microwave, but they are definitely not as delicious as when they are fresh.

Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes

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