„When in doubt, wear red.“
—Bill Blass

What’s autumn without a big hit of color? Red is THE color trend this season, a highly influential fashion color! Bright and vibrant red is a mood elevator and the color of love. It can boost confidence and make you feel more in control. Though it’s not for shy people. Several studies confirm that woman who wear red appear more attractive. If you want to be noticed more often wear your favorite piece of clothing in red.

Red with Denim

If you’re searching for a way to spice up your usual weekend denim look, you should consider injecting a red hue. By just adding a red item or two to your outfit, you can make your casual ensemble infinitely more stylish and trendy. All you need to do is select what item or which pieces you want to rock in the fiery hue. While jumpers, coats, and even dresses can all work, you should consider rocking a gingham shirt in the vibrant colour. Like red, gingham is another popular trend of the season, so combining both into one is a winning look.

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