BMW Mini Cooper S Convertible – Test Drive:

Such a fun day! Very nice and sunny and a clear sky! Just the perfect weather for a joyride with this amazing car. So I hopped in this lovely MINI Cooper S Convertible and drove through the breathtaking scenery of Bavaria exclusively with the top down. I was able to get a good impression of how the car felt on a variety of different roads and different road surfaces as well. The MINI Cooper S Convertible felt rock solid with no shakes or shimmies throughout the cabin. It’s an impressively solid car. In this case I drove an automatic MINI, and still very fun to drive even though most of you prefer to drive a manual car. What I noticed first about driving the Mini is that the steering is very sensitive and reacts very quick and direct. You will feel a strong sneeze on the freeway! But therefor you can apply an additional windbraker in the back seats (if there are just two people in the car). The turn-in is sharp and gives you a total go-kart feeling. A Mini is indeed a very joyful thing to drive.

On the inside, I continued to be amazed by MINI. With materials and build quality by BMWs, the cabin of the Cooper Convertible was a lovely place to be. The doors close very softly with a reassuring whoomph. The seats were great as well. For me there’s no doubt that MINI makes some of the nicest interior in its class by far.

But please notice: Don’t buy a Mini Cooper unless you own an enclosed, lockable garage. Otherwise, your neighbors or people who pass by might beg for rides and pose with cameras in front of your car… because it is such an adorable car 😀

The leopard cape and the pencil skirt with slit I got from the label Laurèl and the sunglasses are from Karl Lagerfeld.

Red accessories and red lips gave the outfit the perfect finish!

This was a streetstyle shooting with the photographer Milos Nenkovic. The photos were taken in „Großhesselohe“, a suburb of Munich near the Isar river.

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