This year, I started to teach my-self how to create a traditional Bavrian dress called „Dirndl„. I started this whole progress because I got veeeeeery tired of the same looking, odd and boring dirndl designs for Oktoberfest – a famous beer and „Volksfest“ festival here in Munich, Bavaria which you have heard of for sure. It is super popular around the world and there are many copies of it, also for example in China. Also it is often called „Wiesn„. The locals abbreviated this shortversion. Usually it runs for 16-18 days. Crown prince Ludwig (1786-1868) – later King Ludwig I (reign: 1825-1848) – married the princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. All citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the royal event. Since then it has taken place on the same fairfields every year. They were named „Theresienwiese“ or in English „Theresa’s Meadow“ in honor to the Crown Princess, and have kept that name since then. During this time Theresa’s Meadow was located on the fields in front of the city gates, not in the city and horse races were very popular. They were held in the tradition of the 15th-century to honor the newlyweds on October 17.

However, I designed, drew the pattern and stitched the Bavarian dress completely by my-self. I was pretty amazed because it was much easier than I expected. It took me about a week to create this unique piece. The flowers are handmade with lots of love and patience and the buttons are heirlooms of my grandma. Of course it was a lot of work, but the time flew by because the work created so much joy to my-self. I can tell you, this was not my last piece! Next year I will create a new design for sure!

Photos: EkeVarsekProductions by Peter Varsek

Location: English Garden, Munich

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