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The 90s are back! Basecaps and other types have a huge comeback in our wardrobe this season. They are stylish and functional at the same time: Perfect and super practical for a bad hair day! Besides that, they work with almost every outfit, starting from simple everyday looks up to professional uniforms. The cap I am wearing below reminds me of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. He was known and associated for wearing these caps that are made out of six or eight triangular panels with rounded sides that are sewn together. Since that time it has become stereotypical headgear for detectives, especially in comical drawings or cartoons, and in plays or films. Most of the time it is made out of cloth. Often a light or heavy wool tweed is used or other materials like suede or white cotton duck. Even blue jeans denim is not unknown. The Sherlock Holmes hat is a type of cap that is typically worn in rural areas, often for hunting, especially deer stalking. This is why most of the people call it deerstalker, but there are many other different terms for it as well. Other ones call it „fore-and-aft cap“ and furthermore, it is also known as „tweed helmet“. But call it what you want 😀

I designed this casual trousers with stitched pleats myself. The cape and jacket are pieces from the Laurèl Fall/Winter collection 2014. Leopard printed fur shoes and a cap hat from Manhattan, New York give the outfit the perfect edge. Another article that you might be interested in is the „Sherlock Holmes Look„.

Streetstyle shooting with the photographer Rafael Souza.


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