„Club der Köchinnen“

Raxinoar with Alina Spiegel @MünchenTV

talking about the new music video „Baby Girl“

The two African singers Paul and Pierre from the music group „RaXiNoaR“ and Alina Spiegel were invited by Edith von Welser-Ude to the German TV Show „Club der Köchinnen“ at the channel „München TV“. The interview was about the their music including the music video „Baby Girl“ where Alina Spiegel got the main female lead. Due to this huge topic a short cutout was blended in. In between, the musicians sang their new winter song called „SNOW“ live on very trendy and modern weight boards with LEDs.

Additionally, they were asked to present traditional food from their native country Togo. So they cooked and served a delicious meal with fish and lots of spices.

Thank you Edith and the team for the invitation!

Photo: Peter Varsek

Produced by EkeVarsekProductions

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