the Pantone trend color of 2017

Serenity“ and „Rose Quartz“ were last year’s pantone trend colors that stood for our need of harmony in a chaotic world.In 2017, „Greenery“ is the new name of the Pantone color of the year! A very fresh, yellowish green color, that is associated as symbol for new beginning, hope, innovation, vitality and freshness in our complex and political sphere.

Delicate, green leaves predict spring. Take a deep breath, fill up your lungs with oxygen and energy! In the nature surrounded by green it works the best. The green tropical rainforest is considered as the lungs of earth. No other color brings more growth and life! Greenery symbolizes our growing desire of a renewed union and connection to nature and our fellow human beings. In the theory of color, green is the color of midpoint: It has a harmonic and calming effect without tiring us. In the medical theory of color green is regarded as the color that balances the rythm of the heart and kidneys. And the more we live in a digitized and fast-moving world, the more we long for a balancing. Of course there is a reason why „green lifestyle“ enjoyed a huge comeback in the last few years! The ecologial image changed tremendously through the way of living. Nowadays, it trendy to live ecolocial and not stale and old-fashioned anymore.

„Greenery“ works also for areas such as interior or beauty. The desire of nature and naturalness can be seen our facility and furnishing sectors. The urban lifestyle is completed with green wallpaper or wall paint, planted balconies, wallpapers with botanical prints or other attractive accessories and ornaments that bring nature into our home. In beauty the color green is associated with vitality and rejuvenation. Green smoothies enjoyed a huge revival and can be bought in every supermarket by now. They have a very revitalising effect! For a skilled and escellent finish use greenish foundations with a hint of green in combination with red make-up, for example red lipstick, as a complementary contrast.

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… and this look is a good example for the „Greenery“ trend: Tropical Feeling!

The photos were taken by Alina Spiegel in her fashion still photography studio.

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