Like we know, in April the weather changes all the time, and there are still cold days, where we need to wear cozy knitwear. On knitwear you can count on year after year!

A single statement knitwear piece with coarse knit will enhance your outfit and make it look like couture. The warm, soft material feels like a hug and it will be definitely better than a blanket! After all, it’s not just about comfort. It’s important that they complement your personal style and fit perfectly to your body. The key to creating a stylish look is to invest in simple but high-quality individual pieces. When it comes to colors, play it safe. A blush pink or cream colored jumper works with all types of denim, for example, and black or white knits can be worn with literally anything.

The best part about knitwear – it comes in so many different sizes and styles, you can literally wear it every day and to every occasion! It is perfect for cozy DVD evenings with friends or gatherings around the fireplace, the first date while ice-skating or after a long day of skiing! You can even pimp it up for a casual day at work or fancy events and make a dramatic, extravagant couture-look combining the right accessories. My personally most favorite knit material is luxurious cashmere which you will find in any fashionistas wardrobe. Hardly any material is so comfortable on the skin and gives such noble elegance. Cashmere is definitely worth spending your money on!

Shooting with the photographer Rafael Souza

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