TARTAN LOVE | About plaid patterns and how to mix it with leopard prints

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Tartan is a classic print for everyday that can update modern silhouettes. Additionally it is very functional during the cold weather because it does not only keep you cozy, it looks great as well. There are various patterns with colorful and bright interpretations from classic to grunge styles which offers us multible, new styling [...]


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Finally Friday! Today the almost the whole outfit I am wearing (jacket with tassels, pleated skirt, leopard shoes, clutch with golden metal details) is from the trendy fashion label Fashion Pills. It is an online shop that offers special prices. The pieces of the new Fashion Pills collection are informal and colorful. [...]


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BMW Mini Cooper S Convertible - Test Drive: Such a fun day! Very nice and sunny and a clear sky! Just the perfect weather for a joyride with this amazing car. So I hopped in this lovely MINI Cooper S Convertible and drove through the breathtaking scenery of Bavaria exclusively with the top down. [...]