WIEDER DA: POLKA DOTS | Auf den Punkt gebrachte Mode für den Sommer!

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Polka Dots Punktlandung: Polka Dots sind wieder da! Hurraaah, denn alle lieben Polka Dots, insbesondere weil sie nach wie vor der Dauerbrenner der weiblichen Rockabilly- und Vintage-Mode sind. Punkte sind nach wie vor zeitlos, immer anders und werden deswegen immer richtig sein. Woher der Name "Polka Dots" kommt und warum dieses verspielte [...]

Schönbrunn Palace With Style

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"The palace is magnificent, the furniture befitting of a queen and in the best of taste. The gardens have everything that art has ever created." - Johann Edler von Kurzböck, 1779 The Schönbrunn Palace is a very impressive castle! Sisi used to live here. It is one of the most popular sights in Vienna, [...]


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Another warm day left in Munich... The pictures were taken at a wonderful Saturday morning before we started to record the music video "Baby Girl" by Raxinoar. I couldn't resist to take a photo when I saw this amazing purple wall. But now let's talk about stripes: Stripes never really go out of [...]


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"Black and white is abstract; color is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world." - Joel Sternfeld Two colors - one trend: Black & White My all-time favourite! The whole outfit consists of the colors black and white, no other colors! It is [...]

HOUNDSTOOTH SPIRIT | Das Hahnentrittmuster, das die Bloglandschaft überschwemmt

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Houndstooth is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. Often the colors are in black and white, but although other colours are used. Color combinations in black and white, in brown and tan, or other earthtone weaves, are very popular designs in tweed materials used for sport coats and [...]


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“If you want to shoot fashion, shoot in color, but if you want to shoot emotion, shoot in black and white.” Unfortunately I don't remember who said this, but whoever it was, I have to agree. It seems that emotions cannot be captured the same way with a color photograph. When you compare the [...]