It’s easy to lose yourself in the tried and tested staple items you wear every day. So, instead of wearing the same basic blouse and blazer to work, or your regular coat day-in, day-out, choose a fun alternative to these key items and let your vibrant personality shine. Do not be afraid of other opinions! Wear what you like and what your personality express the best. Be yourself! Today I am wearing Moschino sunglasses and a unique, self designed coat. I designed it, drew the pattern and stitched it by myself. The tropical printed fabric is made out of a neoprene or softshell material and it is fully lined. I am not afraid to attract attention on the street.

So remember, fashion doesn’t have to be serious! In fact, it should be exciting and experimental, so don’t be afraid to push those boundaries a little. Whether through graphic prints, rich colours, or luxurious fabrics, there are many ways to indulge your playful, daring side.

Streetstyle shooting with the photographer Milos Nenkovic

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