Complementary Colors

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The key colors of this look is the combination of the complementary colors yellow and blue which give the outfit an extraordinary touch and make it look different. The perfect styling for bright summer days! I chose two of the Pantone trend colors for this summer: First of all a maritime-inspired blue, which could [...]

Off The Shoulder

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Strapless looks: The new summer’s must-have?! Yes, absolutely! Off the shoulder pullovers, dresses and tops are the epiphany of summer. Basically they are this summer's key silhouette. Not sure what to wear to the next party? Then go for it and don't hesitate to show off your shoulders. They are officially IN now! From [...]

Tropical Feeling

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It's easy to lose yourself in the tried and tested staple items you wear every day. So, instead of wearing the same basic blouse and blazer to work, or your regular coat day-in, day-out, choose a fun alternative to these key items and let your vibrant personality shine. Do not be afraid of other [...]

The Fluorescent Dress

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Fluorescent colors are taking over the world. Fluorescent colors have been around for decades, but they have never been as vibrant and ultra-bright as nowadays. For the first time fluorescent colors were big in the 80s, but this season they celebrate a revival and are currently trending with young people. Besides that, fabric [...]

Yellow Lace

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Lace – the hidden treasure of the runways throughout the world Lace is being discovered as the comeback piece every year. After all, no other piece has so many faces: from seductive and wicked to feminine-elegant to playful and innocent. Yeah absolutely,... lace can do it all. Thanks to the creative heads of [...]

How To Wear Neon

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The Neon Fashion Trend: Neon yellow color is still in the fashion trends! Actually right now it's taking over the world! Not everyone loves to wear neon color though as it doesn’t suits most people, but anyone can wear neon trend when it comes to freedom of style. Like I said before, style should [...]