Say It With Flowers

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Dreamy, milky and soft, pastels aren’t just for little girls anymore. Pastels have grown up and become sophisticated. I am absolutely in love with the Pantone’s colors of the year 2016 "Rose Quartz" and "Serenity" which gentle tones have already made their way into fashion, cosmetics, graphic design, etc. They remind me of flushed [...]

Off The Shoulder

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Strapless looks: The new summer’s must-have?! Yes, absolutely! Off the shoulder pullovers, dresses and tops are the epiphany of summer. Basically they are this summer's key silhouette. Not sure what to wear to the next party? Then go for it and don't hesitate to show off your shoulders. They are officially IN now! From [...]

Òrama London

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"New luxury. Genuine benevolence. True empowerment." “I have enough jewelry” – has never said a woman ever. Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes every woman feel unique. It is the perfect accessory which makes every good style a great one and today let´s talk about one in [...]

The Pearl Dream

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“Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful” - Coco Chanel In the early 1930’s Chanel launched her first fine jewelry collection inspired by the constellations. These incredible designs included a fringe necklace that could also be worn as a tiara, a diamond brooch in [...]

Pastel Classics

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Pastels or pastel colors are the family of colors which have a low to intermediate saturation. The colors of this family are usually described as soothing, soft, near neutral, milky, washed out, desaturated, and lacking strong chromatic content. Soft shades like dust, mauve, rose-quartz, silver, baby blue or light pink - whatever you call [...]

Colors Of Spring

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For 5 years by now I have wanted to take pictures in front of these wonderful and phenomenal cherry trees. Unfortunately they just bloom for only one week each year. That's why it makes it pretty hard to arrange a nice shooting, but this year I finally managed to fulfill my dream ... [...]

How To Wear Neon

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The Neon Fashion Trend: Neon yellow color is still in the fashion trends! Actually right now it's taking over the world! Not everyone loves to wear neon color though as it doesn’t suits most people, but anyone can wear neon trend when it comes to freedom of style. Like I said before, style should [...]

Statement Collars

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More is more! Statement collars are the most opulent necklaces. Therefor other striking accessories like big earings should not be combined. They can be worn to everything from a basic like a T-Shirt to a classic such as a black mini dress. I personally adore these jewely because they enhance absolutely every look. Some [...]

Bavarian Style

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How to dress Bavarian accurately: Tradtitional clothing which is cold "Tracht" plays a huge role in the Bavarian life, much more than in any other states of Germany. In Bavaria wearing a dirndl or lederhosen you will always be dressed to perfection. Folklore customes are not only a fashionable way to dress, they will always [...]