München TV „Club der Köchinnen“

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"Club der Köchinnen" Raxinoar with Alina Spiegel @MünchenTV talking about the new music video "Baby Girl" The two African singers Paul and Pierre from the music group "RaXiNoaR" and Alina Spiegel were invited by Edith von Welser-Ude to the German TV Show "Club der Köchinnen" at the channel "München TV". [...]

Vintage Tapestry

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Tapestry Fabric - Trend in 2015 Growing tired of always the same fabrics for summer dresses such as cotton? You are not alone! Instead of buying the same type of material again I found something different - a vintage dress that is made out of a tapestry fabric. It is a material that is [...]

Green Summer

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Enjoying the wonderful and warm summer with a flattering, bright green maxi dress out of a light and flowing Chiffon. The red wall in an old and artistic factory was the perfect spot to create a complementary color harmony. Metallic removable tattoos in gold, silver and other colors are THE trend of the [...]

Red & White Summer Party

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Red & White Summer Party The musicians Paul and Pierre celebrated their birthday in the English Garden in Munich! They chose the theme "red and white" for the party. The singer twins come from Togo; actually they were born and raised in Paris. In 1993 they established their duo called "RaXiNoaR". In 1995 [...]

My First Selfmade Dirndl

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This year, I started to teach my-self how to create a traditional Bavrian dress called "Dirndl". I started this whole progress because I got veeeeeery tired of the same looking, odd and boring dirndl designs for Oktoberfest - a famous beer and "Volksfest" festival here in Munich, Bavaria which you have heard of for [...]