Wedding Guest Chic

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It was the perfect weather and location for a wedding of one of my friends! Nice, sunny and warm! The church wedding took place in the beautiful castle "Faber-Castell" in Nuremberg. After the ceremonial part we got a guided tour to experience the castle's interior. In the afternoon we walked through the incredible historic [...]

The Multi Dress

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100 dresses in one! The "Multi" dress is a garment that can be wraped in a lot of different ways. There is absolutely no limit in varations. The very long elastic straps make it possible. Each time you wrap yourself with a new method the dress will look completely new and different. You could [...]

Carneval – the Great Gatsby Revival

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Carneval 2016 Make-up in the 20s: Strong make-up was very essential for the modern look: Rouge, light powder, dark lips, eyes framed with kohl and high, extremely thin eyebrows were part of the typical, slightly wicked make-up of the 2os. It was considered as a bad habit and very impertinent to put make-up on [...]

Great Gatsby

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"Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will." — Anne Klein For the shooting we used a real vintage large format camera, which I am holding in one of the pictures. It is just possible to take one shot with every photographic film. So you really have to [...]

All-Over Red

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Veronica Bond Lookbook Shooting ALINA SPIEGEL was a model for the VERONICA BOND lookbook shooting which shows the new collection for spring/summer 2016. Since 1986 VERONICA BOND designs her own evening gowns, cocktail-, wedding-, wrap- and summer-dresses in addition with skirts and business suits. Fashion that looks great and fits very well. [...]

Overknees Are Back

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Overknees are very trendy this season and the perfect all-rounder: practical, warm, cozy, ... They enhance absolutely every outfit. A stunning eyecatcher for every day! Veronica Bond Lookbook Shooting Overknees - What's this? Overknees have an extended bootleg and the lengths reaches over the knee - like the name says. The [...]

Bavarian Pastels

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Alina Spiegel created this unique Couture Dirndl for the Oktoberfest 2015 by herself. It is made out of precious taffeta with an traditional pattern and has a very silky touch. Every year Alina Spiegel produces limited, extraordinary Dirndl. These are stitched by hand in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Every single dress is [...]

Vintage Tapestry

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Tapestry Fabric - Trend in 2015 Growing tired of always the same fabrics for summer dresses such as cotton? You are not alone! Instead of buying the same type of material again I found something different - a vintage dress that is made out of a tapestry fabric. It is a material that is [...]