Bohemian Summer

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The Bohemian style is all about accessorising your hair, whether with flowers, feathers, jewels, headscarves, hats or braids like I choose. These are the perfect accessory that will complete your look and when your outfit needs a revival. Perfect for a bad hair day! A laser cutted cape, vest or poncho out of Alcantara leather [...]

Sherlock Holmes Look

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Sherlock Holmes Look This look reminds me of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. It was my inspiration for another cinemagraph with a lupe and a winking eye. The cape is really cosy and warm and just the perfect item for cold winter days. The camel colored hat is designed by [...]

our first cinemagraph in the Munich subway

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To see more exciting cinemagraph examples go to the website It was our very first try to create a mixture of a video and photo. We used a new and modern technique called "Cinemagraph". Basically a cinemagraph is living photography which usually occurs in a manually created loop. It is [...]

Houndstooth Spirit

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Houndstooth is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. Often the colors are in black and white, but although other colours are used. Color combinations in black and white, in brown and tan, or other earthtone weaves, are very popular designs in tweed materials used for sport coats and [...]