Selfmade Couture Dirndl

in light pink and green

I created this unique Couture Dirndl for the Oktoberfest 2015 by myself. It is made out of precious tulle with embroidered applications and has a very silky touch.

Every year I produce limited, extraordinary Dirndl. These are stitched by hand in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Every single dress is individually designed and decorated with pearls, sequins, embroideries, handmade flowers, etc… This is the reason why they are always sold out very fast! On request I produce custom-made traditional clothing for your or modifie other Dirndl to make them fit or give them a unique charm.

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Accessories may include a long apron tied round the waist, a waistcoat or a wool scarf. In many regions vibrantly colored, hand-printed silk scarfs and silk aprons are worn. The typical jewelry (including necklaces, earrings and brooches) is made of silver. Bavarian motives like the pretzel or the „Edelweiss“ which is a Bavarian flower found in the mountains are very popular. Also the antlers of deer or even animals‘ teeth are used for decoration. For colder weather there are heavy dirndl coats in the same cut as the dresses, with a high neck and front buttons, thick mittens and wool hats.

This fashion shooting took place at a playground in the suburbs of Munich.

Photography: Milos Nenkovic

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