„The palace is magnificent, the furniture befitting of a queen and in the best of taste. The gardens have everything that art has ever created.“
– Johann Edler von Kurzböck, 1779

The Schönbrunn Palace is a very impressive castle! Sisi used to live here. It is one of the most popular sights in Vienna, drawing millions of visitors each year and definitely a place you should visit. Since 1996 the Schönbrunn has been put on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites due to the importance of the palace and its gardens as a unique Baroque ensemble.

Also the Klimt bar was very unique with wooden bar stools shaped like hands and typical, golden mosaics.

Trend: Black & White!

Instead of color-blocking, fashion designers use the black & white combo to create bold statements for spring and to create a contrast by separating the colors to make eye-catching statement pieces. They have already been splashed all over the red carpets this season. From cocktail dresses to skinny pants you will find everything. The black & white trend does well to create illusions and highlight any figure depending on the design, pattern or print. This trend shows up in accessories, too.

Location: Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

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