Inspired by the New York, Milan and Paris runways designers can’t get enough of tartan this season. Tartan or „plaid“ as some people call it instead is a great option because it is on-trend and timeless at the same time. From timeless classic pieces to trendy looks like designs with contrasting textures for a modern look – tartan is perfect for any occasion. The choice is yours! The pattern always adds a Scottish touch to your wardrobe. Originally tartan was made out of only wool. However, by now it is also made in many other materials because the popularity in the print itself grew a lot. But most of the time it is still made by incredibly warm and heavy fabrics which will keep you warm. So don’t wait to add the trendy winter feel to any of our outfits!   Celebrities around the globe have been spotted on the red carpet wearing tartan for everything starting from cool street style outfits to glamourous gowns.
Here is my tartan look…

Turtle-neck pullover: Zara
Cape: Veronica Bond
Skirt: Burberry
Shoes: DiLauro
Sunglasses: KarlLagerfeld
Earrings: H&M

Shooting with the photographer Rafael Souza

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