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Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Here, I share my personal interests and hobbies and the latest lifestyle trends and tips with you. My pseudonym „Miss Mirror“ comes from my German last name „Spiegel“ which means mirror in English. The following posts (in general my whole website content) are 100% my opinion and not bribable. All cooperations are comprehensible and marked transparent. I’m getting no benefits, I just really love to share my stories with you… Get inspired!

BestSecret Christmas Parties

By | 2017-09-19T12:31:43+00:00 Dezember 8th, 2016|Blog, Dirndl, Fashion Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Press|

BestSecret Christmas Party in 2016 This year the BestSecret Christmas party took place in the famous soccer stadium "Allianz Arena" in Munich, Fröttmaning. The online company rented the VIP lounge and about 1.000 employees were invited. It was a magical atmosphere: Golden light lightened the fog outside. It felt like we travelled [...]


By | 2017-09-19T12:34:23+00:00 August 1st, 2016|Blog, Lifestyle Blog|

Creating personalized emoticons with the "Bitmoji" app Recently I discovered a really great emoticons' app which is called Bitmoji! I love this app! It allows you to create personalized and very expressive cartoon avatars for your smartphone. It's so fun especially since we can use the emoticons in snapchat now. [...]

Dancing In Blue

By | 2017-09-19T12:34:36+00:00 Juli 25th, 2016|Blog, Fashion Blog, Lifestyle Blog|

It was the perfect weather for a trip with this dancing ship "MS Starnberg" on the "Starnberger lake". Wonderful sunset and very warm! There we danced ballroom into the night. Many different types of dance songs were played such as the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, the Vienna and slow waltz, Samba, Jive, [...]

Back In Black

By | 2017-09-19T12:50:06+00:00 Juli 2nd, 2015|Blog, Fashion Blog, Lifestyle Blog|

"Woman who wear black lead colorful lives." —Neiman Markus This day I just came back from Lugano where I visited one of my best friends Marlen. Right after arriving at the airport I went home really quick and got ready for the wonderful event in the evening. It was such a beautiful [...]

Red & White Summer Party

By | 2017-09-19T12:55:27+00:00 Juni 13th, 2015|Blog, Fashion Blog, Lifestyle Blog|

Red & White Summer Party The musicians Paul and Pierre celebrated their birthday in the English Garden in Munich! They chose the theme "red and white" for the party. The singer twins come from Togo; actually they were born and raised in Paris. In 1993 they established their duo called "RaXiNoaR". In 1995 [...]

Mini Cooper S Test Drive

By | 2017-09-19T12:54:41+00:00 Mai 15th, 2015|Blog, Fashion Blog, Lifestyle Blog|

BMW Mini Cooper S Convertible - Test Drive: Such a fun day! Very nice and sunny and a clear sky! Just the perfect weather for a joyride with this amazing car. So I hopped in this lovely MINI Cooper S Convertible and drove through the breathtaking scenery of Bavaria exclusively with the top down. [...]

Bachata on top of Munich

By | 2017-09-19T12:53:39+00:00 September 26th, 2014|Blog, Lifestyle Blog|

romantic dancing Bachata coming from the Dominican republic is a social dance which is danced all over the world. It is accosiated with a type of music at the same time. In partnering, the lead can decide whether to perform in open, semi-closed or closed positions. The dance moves and steps variety strongly [...]