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Hi & welcome to my travel blog! This website is here to inspire you! My pseudonym „Miss Mirror“ comes from my German last name „Spiegel“ which means mirror in English. I’ve loved to experience different cultures and travel the world since I was little. In 2009 I took my first trip overseas on my own to the states when I was 16. There I spent 10 months with the most wonderful and friendly host family you can imagine. This international student exhange progam changed my life. From that moment on, I was obsessed with traveling. In this travel blog I share my personal travel experiences and give you tested tips, advice, and suggestions which you can use for your next trips. One of the things that I love about travelling the most is trying the food. So I will tell you my favourite places to eat as well. The following posts (in general my whole website content) are 100% my opinion and not bribable. All cooperations are comprehensible and marked transparent. I’m getting no benefits, I just really love to share my stories with you… Get inspired & see you on the road! 🙂

Gozo – mein persönlicher Reise-Geheimtipp im Mittelmeer

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Gozo ist ein sehr ruhiger Ort, der bisher kaum vom Tourismus erschlossen wurde und eine Insel mit besonderem Flair. Die Schwesterninsel von Malta springt sofort ins Auge, denn sie ist grüner, ruhiger und [...]

Tauchen auf Gozo – ein Topziel für jeden Taucher!

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Tauchen auf Gozo: Egal ob Wrack, Riff- oder Höhlenliebhaber, beim Tauchen auf Gozo ist defintiv für jeden etwas dabei! Gozos zerklüftete Landschaft und die spektakuläre Küste bieten grandiose 27 verschiedene Tauchspots und laden [...]

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